let's give back

We have a confession to make. While we care about making great products, we really really care about giving back.

Otherwise we're just another business, you know?

We're proud members of 1% for the the Planet and give back to the Philippines, where our founder is from.

Thanks to your continued support, we have been able to build a boat to help kids in flood-affected areas get to school through The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, and we have helped marginalized pregnant women receive the medical and emotional help they need for themselves and their newborn babies through Glory Reborn. 

Through our current partnership with Tiny Blessings, we are able to help provide food, shelter and other basic needs to homeless children in Manila.

We give back, every month, whether or not we receive extra money for donations. If you wish to give, however, you can do so while checking out :) Donations start at $1.

With love,

Prim xx