Sure we like making products and making money but those things just aren't enough to keep us going when the midnight oil has run out. 

So we've decided to give back. And we've chosen non-profits based in the Philippines (where our founder Stef is from) to give back to. 

Thanks to your continued support, we have been able to build a boat to help kids in flood-affected areas get to school, we have helped marginalized pregnant women receive the medical, and emotional, help they need for themselves and their newborn babies, and we have a new-very exciting-partnership to announce.

For the next 8 months, we will help provide food, shelter and other basic needs to homeless children in Manila, Philippines through the inspiring non-profit, Tiny Blessings.

As always, you don't really have to do anything- we have committed to sending a set amount every month whether or not we receive any extra money for donations. Should you wish to give, however, you can do so while checking out :) Donations start at $1.

With love,

Prim xx