🌜Manila Moon Candle
🌜Manila Moon Candle
🌜Manila Moon Candle

🌜Manila Moon Candle

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MANILA MOON, The Philippines Candle Collection

Nostalgic, Mysterious, Beautiful. Notes of Rose, Sandalwood, Smoke

Manila Moon recalls a romantic and balmy evening, lost in a mysterious city under the moon and stars. The scent of roses, sandalwood and smoke fill the air and breeze through palm trees, as the golden moon gleams on the waters of Manila Bay.

Light this candle as the moon shines above, make a wish and set it free.

Candle comes with a matching "Let's Get Lost" matchbox.

100% Natural Soy Wax.

9oz / 260g

Phthalate Free. Vegan. Pure Cotton Wick. Burn time is around 60 hours

Made in New York.